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"How can he rape anybody? He has never touched me," says Asaram’s wife

30, Oct 2013 By fakemale

Ahmedabad/Surat: Days after self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s entire family landed in a legal soup, his wife on Tuesday came forward in his defense and claimed that he has never touched her.

Sources told that Asaram’s wife Lakshmi told reporters his husband can never commit any sexual offence because he has never touched his own wife.

The godman’s official website posted that Asaram will come out clean of the allegations and will soon give ‘darshan’ to his devotees. Asaram also asked his followers to keep faith in him and wait for him.

This has given birth to a new controversy, is Asaram really the biological father of Narayan Sai & Bharti Sree. If we believe our sources then police is setting up for the DNA testing. And if required then the police will do their best to find the biological father of the newly discovered orphans.

Sai continues to evade law as the investigating officials are still groping in the dark and remain clueless about his whereabouts.

As per reports, the Gujarat police have so far raided as many as eleven locations in the last seventeen days in search of Narayan Sai, but the self-styled godman managed to give officials a slip every time they reached closer to arrest him.