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Hostel student found loving and praising hostel mess food

16, Oct 2014 By mayurgupta

Students at Indian Institute of Placements were shocked to find a hostel student seriously loving the menu and quality of food served at the mess.

Every single time he enters the mess, he checks-in on Facebook, clicks a pic of the food and posts it on Facebook via Instagram unedited.

Faking News approached one of his friends to understand in detail the genetic behavior of this student. When asked about this student, his friend cited, “His love for mess food has reached this stage that he now even declines lavish birthday treats of friends just because he does not wants to part with the mess food. The poor chap even had a breakup after he invited his girlfriend for a romantic Sunday night date but at the student mess. He is often found getting into physical fight with students who complains of mess food .”

Faking News tried to get access to him for an interview. After waiting for him for full 2 hours because he was enjoying his lunch in the mess, finally we got the opportunity to ask him what makes him like the mess food to such an extent. To our utter surprise he was emotionally charged when this question was put up. He replied, “No words can express the satisfaction that I get from the food served at mess. I like the variety offered at the menu which is 56 items at the lunch as well as dinner offering me enough choice to decide what I would like to have. The best part is every single day throughout the month the menu is different.”

He went on to cite a few examples like that of pulses where there is actual pulse in it rather than just the water, well cooked rice, baked roti, unlimited masala chicken on all days except Tuesday etc. He added, ” There is also a provision wherein you could tell in advance what would you like to have that day and the same would be made available to you free of cost.”

At the end of the year the Hostel Affairs Committee was so impressed by him that they felicitated him with “Student of the Year” award along with a rebate in the mess charges which he subsequently returned as Tip for the impressive service of the mess food contractor.