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Hostel student find hoarding stash of Maggi noodles

09, Jun 2015 By Abhishek

In an unprecedented event today at Indian College of Engineering, a mass raid broke out on the boy’s hostel when the news broke that one of the students had returned from home with a stash of Maggi noodles.

Maggi, which by now is an extinct entity in this country came under scrutiny for containing Lead three years back. The instant ready snack have since then been banned after tests showed it contained Lead and other harmful chemicals.

For the next 12 months, Maggi was being discreetly sold under different product names and pics on e-commerce sites. There was a reported increase in Maggi smuggling and dealing amongst engineering students of the country. Slowly and steadily all the hidden Maggi reserves ran empty.

The student was having it even as rest of the country didn't get to have it
The student was having it even as rest of the country didn’t get to have it

In this incident, however, Maggi, referred to as ‘LifeSaver’ in code words, once again came to light. Arvind, a student of the college, returned from home with a bag full of Maggi noodles, said to have been saved and passed on to him by his now married elder brother. Arvind shared the news with a few of his best friends and promised to share it with them.

This afternoon, however, due to lapse of attention while communicating about a secret Maggi Luncheon, the private message was sent to an outside entity. The message broke out like a wildfire in the college.

In an excerpt with an eyewitness what followed was pure madness.

“The entire college was gathered around the hostel, demanding to be invited to the Maggi lunch.” Parth continued, “After hours of persuasion, Arvind confronted the crowd. He told all of us that he intends to keep the noodles in stock for long time and use the stash as and when needed. Having said that, Arvind held out a pack of Maggi from his room, opened it and poured down the contents. There was a mad rush amongst the students to get hands on even a single noodle strand. It was scary.”

Parth was knocked out in the commotion that ensued and didn’t have a clear aftermath story to tell. We got hold of another student who claims to have been on board with the events that followed. The pale faced Naksh told us the other half of the story.

“I was part of the original group who were intended to taste the heavenly and divine noodles and be blessed for our lives. But then this stupid message leak happened. When Arvind tore that Maggi packet and let it fall to the ground, there was one man in our group who was not happy. I don’t know his name. He never told us. He didn’t like Arvind’s selfishness. While all of us were busy seeing the crowd below fight, he took off with the bag of noodles”

“He had help from outside too. A girl came by on her scooty and picked him up. We followed them to the parking and pulled out our bikes and scooters and started chasing them. It was dark, it was cloudy, and it was murky outside. Winds blowing hard on our faces, barely letting us open our eyes. It was like a mad mad race, made all the more difficult by the conditions. And that’s when I felt really alive. OH how do I tell you, it felt like a lovely day.”

“After hours of chasing them around the town, I finally was able to catch up with them. There scooter had slipped. I stopped and got down to reclaim the bag. But then the nameless guy, he explained to me, the power of sharing with others, the joy in it. He had stolen the bag to return back to college and share among everyone. I was sold on his dream. I joined his side. And through secret lanes and streets got them back to college even before Arvind realized it. By the time he returned, our Maggi dinner was already in full swing. Whole college invited and sharing the LifeSaver.”

The police and college authorities seems to have been taken by surprise by the unity of the students and are discussing against taking any legal action against Arvind and others involved.

Arvind on the other hand, is a bit low to see all his stash gone in a day. But seeing the entire college fraternity happy, lifted his spirits and he was seen taking part in the grand dinner himself.