Monday, 26th February, 2018

Homosexuals admit sex much more exciting now, after SC’s ban

17, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: A large percentage of homosexuals have admitted that their sex lives have become far more gratifying, now that they know having gay sex is illegal.

Parobrita (name changed), a Bengali lesbian, who has been living with her “sister”, Sudipta (name changed) for ten years now in a posh south Delhi locality admitted the ruling had improved their sex lives manifold. “We have been living together for ten years now and frankly, the whole deal was beginning to get quite boring,” she said. “But now after the Supreme Court has made it illegal for us to have sex again, it is much more fun and gratifying.”

Rahul, a gay man, agreed. “It’s infinitely more fun now. In fact, I think the Supreme Court should ban sex in general so that even heterosexual people can have such fulfilling sex lives. I am sure the BJP will support that as well.”