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Home ministry loses crucial files related to formation of CBI in 1963, SC dissolves CBI

22, Aug 2013 By Sarkeshwar

New Delhi. In the wake of the crucial coalgate files missing from coal ministry, the Home Ministry on Tuesday, lost all core files of the formation and enactment of CBI during the period of 1963.

“So the government is trying to make this caged parrot extinct” quoted the Supreme court in its judgement.

Dr. Subramoney sammy,a well known hindu nationalist filed a PIL on the status of CBI. The Supreme court in its response dissolved the CBI and cancelled all on going investigations by the latter as there were no documents to prove its CBI’s existence.

While the opposition claims that its the UPA’s strategy to weaken the CBI, the congress party says it is not answerable to a non-existing government body. If we believe our sources, the government’s next move is to wipe out CAG related pages from constitution for well known reasons.