Monday, 19th February, 2018

Historians take lessons from Facebook, Instagram to appease Hurt Sentiments

13, Jul 2015 By oliveoyl

Citing popular trend, departments of History in several Indian institutions have replaced assignments with the hashtags. This was a move to popularize the subject in face of left, right and centre government interference through centuries. But more importantly, because no one gives a rats-selfie to academic articles anymore.

To illustrate their point, they have given a sample: #India #Colonialism #bigwords #bigtheories #fundamentalism #partition #NehruGandhiEtc #Netajiisimmortal #IDontGiveBananas #EvolutionIsAFlawedCconcept #BharatmataKiJai #BFFBulletproofJacket

This endeavour is to make historical narratives open-ended. For example, one can go to #bigwords and #bigtheories to select the type of politics they prefer. Professor #yetanotherpoliticalconvert says this is the ultimate way to counter complaints. Also, it is the best way to make history writing a precise, easily readable public initiative. He calls it the #DIYHistory. It is usually footnoted with #pleasedontripmyarmsoff. The last hashtag is a trope to encompass all forms of violence from all forms of hurt sentiments/religions/your-essay-reminds-me-of-my-ex.

Some students are excited. Looking at their Facebook and twitter activities, they have their PhDs ready. Others’ reactions are ambivalent. Universities have begun to see multiple assignments titled #Facepalm followed by an Instagram selfie to illustrate their point. But the universities are confident and say their move is farsighted. Knowing their numbers and the subject’s mass appeal in India thanks to continuous help from governments through ages, they are sure this will make an impact in the next hundred years.