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'Hindutva' debate helps India win 'The Most Confused Nation' competition

24, Aug 2014 By tanul

August seems to be a fruitful month for India so far. Having lost the Test Series against England in a unique fashion, India has now added a feather to its cap by winning ‘The Most Confused Nation’ competition.

The debate around ‘the meaning of Hindutva’, now almost half a century old, has helped India earn the reputation. The jury of the competition said india was miles ahead of its competitors.

“Hinduism dates back to centuries .But the meaning of Hindutva is yet to be deciphered by the nation. Interestingly,the essence of confusion lies in the fact that it is the politicians who have taken up the onus and not the intellectual community.Their diligence in maintaining the relevance of confusions is remarkable.” observed KRK,one of the jury members.

“While Hindutva debate did help them, they have a diverse set of confusions to their credit. Cricket, politics and bollywood are three main contributors. Sachin’s retirement was a remarkable confusion the nation dealt with,now replaced by Dhoni’s test-captaincy. Their bowlers bat and batters bowl in tough conditions.They measure the speed of their internet network by 2G and 3G and not its bit rate.”said Jhumru, an expert on panel.

“They are still confused if it is the castes that get married or the bride and bridegroom,as the former assumes more importance in marriages. A good chunk of people in India don’t know what exactly they are upto when they file Income Tax returns, the same goes with Engineering courses. The epitome of confusion is advertising in India.Every advert,ranging from cellphones to panmasala to watches to underwear, shows the product’s utility in impressing a woman. One can hardly distinguish between a condom and a deodrant advertisement.”analyses Raghu, a keen observer and the senior-most jury member.

“Most of the one way roads in India are driven two ways,Indians loudly play item songs on public festivals like  Dahi Handi and Ganesh festival confusing foreign tourists of the festival at hand.”he added.

“Bollywood has had its share of contribution. We have jumped over and skipped the step of gravity-defying stunts,a hollywood trademark,to the next step of gravity-denying stunts, confusing a good chunk of audiences.We also gave-up the concept of scripts to let audience interpret their own version of movie,adding to confusions.”prides Rohit Shetty,the crafty Bollywood action cum drama cum comedy director.

The only other nation that came close to India was its neighbor,Pakistan.”Pakistan,along-with the world,is confused as to who governs it – the Army/the Govt/the Taliban/the Clerics or the Junta. Their next big confusion is Shahid Afridi’s role in Pakistan Cricket Team.”noted members.

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