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Hindu thief lynched by mob converts to Islam before dying, becomes champion of Human Rights group

27, Jun 2017 By manithan

Somewhere in India: A Hindu thief who was caught by angry residents of this village was tied to a tree and was beaten by villagers. He was rescued by the Police and was taken to the hospital, but he died on the way. This should have become nothing more than talk at shops in that surrounding villages if he had not done something brilliant just few minutes before his death.

Thief then, peaceful human right activist now.
Thief then, peaceful human right activist now.

Police Inspector who rescued the Hindu thief from the spot narrated the incident, “He must be around 35 years. He was beaten black and blue by the angry villagers. He wasn’t merely suspected. The villagers had recovered jewels that he had stolen from one family in the village. So, he was thrashed from head to knee. We were on rounds that night and rushed to the spot hearing commotion. Even though the villagers have proof that he is the thief, we had to take him to the hospital for treatment. But he succumbed to his injuries on the way.”

There were several policemen trying to manage the mob of journalists and activists trying to break into the hospital where the body of Hindu thief, now called under a different phrase, was being kept. “Just minutes before his death, he called me in the jeep and recited Shahada thrice. He said that he is converting to Islam so that his family, which we are yet to reach, will have support coming from unknown and unexpected quarters. He said that his name now in Abdul and closed his eyes forever. Since those were his last words, we registered his name as Abdul and reason for death as lynching in hospital register. That has somehow been leaked to press and it has now become an international issue.”

We could see activists with plaque like #DownWithLynching and #IAmAbdul lined outside the hospital. Social media was already swarming with pictures of Abdul aka ‘Victim of Lynching done by Religious bigots just because he was having beef’. Congress, RJD and several other political parties condemned Modi and RSS for injecting Hindutva into the country and turning majority into mobs and minority into victims. Human rights activists had urged everyone to be present at a rally to be held at Jantar Mantar wearing black band condemning the death of poor Abdul who was lynched for eating beef.

A minister from BJP who had visited the village to know what happened was thrashed by newspapers that he was siding with the mob that lynched the poor minority victim. Amnesty International declared Abdul as the ‘real face of the oppressed society of India and champion that would usher in changes against the intolerant fascist regime.’

Along with the police, we reached the family of Abdul, the ex-Hindu thief. It seems the news had reached them already. We spotted a distant uncle of the ex-Hindu thief throwing photos of Hindu gods into the bin. When we stopped him asking for the reason, he said, “Few MPs and the state government has already pledged to grant us a total sum of 30 lakhs. His son’s education is also sponsored now by activists. Would we have got this much if he had been lynched as a Hindu in India?”