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High Court rules divorce illegal

15, Nov 2012 By ashutosh78

Women Activist are rejoicing as their petition against Men seeking divorce and demanding that the Hindu marriage act be amended to abolish divorce processes after marriage was upheld by the High Court today. High court judge MRS Manisha gave the landmark decision which will put an end to all divorce proceeding currently in courts and any future ones as well.

Women activist from IAD (india against Divorce) held a press conference and party to celebrate the decision. MRs Sunanda a leading Activist told reporters that She welcomes this decision given by the Hon’ble judge. On asked why did they think that divorce should be abolished, she said, “there is a trend in today’s society inspite of laws being made to harass men that men are increasingly willing to get divorced no matter how much alimony is being required to pay. The rules were envisaged on the alimony side so that men find it economically inviable to survive after paying the alimony and hence continued staying in these marriages where the women could exploit the men without fear or shame. However Our Sting operation some men revealed that they have now realised that actually the alimony amount paid is a very small amount for the peace and good health they get after getting seperated from their wives.”

The activisit also revealed that divorced men have appeared to have gotten promoted and become economically stronger post divorce.

Hence more and more men are opting for divorce now a days leaving us women very vulnerable to outside world where we have started bitching about each other instead of our In-Laws; this is very dandgerous for women unity and liberation.

Men activists have claimed that this is biased decision and have slammed the judiciary who they accused of having Swiss Bank accounts. They will challenge this verdict in Supreme Court, they said.

Political parties on the other hand are unsure if they should welcome or not welcome the verdict as on the either side they stand to lose votes. Samajwadi Party and BSP have on the other hand claimed that this is a conspiracy against Minorities and Dalits, however they did not make it clear how.