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Heart Patient in ambulance gets annoyed with traffic in Hyderabad, walks all the way to hospital

03, Dec 2013 By raghaone

Traffic jam in Hyderabad

Hyderabad. In what we call an incident that shocked the medical history, A 60 year old Pentaiah who was being taken to the hospital after he had a cardiac arrest, survived and became normal after walking all the way to the hospital to avoid traffic.

His wife Pentamma narrated, “Me and my husband were watching the daily serial and suddenly he fell down unconscious. I was in deep shock because I had to make a choice whether to save my husband or wait till the end of this episode. With heavy heart I called up ambulance, who reached the place in time. However, as it was during peak hours, We were stuck in the traffic for 30 mins. Although my husband was guiding him to take every short route possible. We still couldn’t cross the traffic around Begumpet area (even with sirens).

The traffic movement was very slow which was going proportionate with my husband’s heart beat. At one stage, my husband got annoyed with the traffic, woke up from bed, unplugged glucose needles and walked straight to the hospital. I was shocked looking at his behavior. Last time when he had a similar attack, we thought he wouldn’t survive, But thanks to the potholes in Hyderabad, the ambulance shook so much that his heart started beating fine and he was back to normal. This is a second instance when he came back to normal before going to the hospital.

The doctors who were attending him were also shocked. However, as a formality, we had to pay them 2 lakhs (Not for admission, but for taking the decision of admitting him in a private hospital). I am so happy that my husband is alright. I shall be going home now to watch the repeat telecast of my daily serial.”