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Having fun is against Indian culture

23, Jun 2012 By Alpha Geek

Mumbai.‘Work hard, party harder’, just doesn’t make any sense. It is one of those asinine, derogatory, western idiosyncrasies spoiling our youth. Having fun is against Indian culture” said Mr Dubious, man of the hour, who recently was in headlines regarding his crackdown on various chill out zones in the city.

He continued, “It is against our cultural values, if you are having fun, you are not doing it right. Remember what our culture teaches us, your sufferings in this life will result into benefits in other, ergo, having fun in this life would spoil your next life. We are doing it for your own good.” Worth mentioning that we were pleasantly surprised by his vocabulary.

Not many people agree though. “This police isn’t my mother or father, who is it to lecture me on what to do and what not to do” said Kiran, an enraged university student, “next thing I know, I’ll have to obtain a permit before I could sleep with a man.“ Kiran also maintains a blog, where he has lamb bashed the administration over its numerous stupid activities.

Another candid activist, Arjun, remarked against police actions. He said, “India is a free country, people should be able to do what they want to do,” he continued, “Although, social justice demands pubs and bars reserve fifty percent seats for oppressed classes. They weren’t allowed into temples, may be this would compensate.”

Even our government, while not busy refuting scams and blaming everything that is wrong with the economy on euro crisis, seems to agree with Mr Dubious. Although, government’s approach towards this issue has been a lot more subtle.

We managed to talk to a government official, who on the condition of anonymity, threw some light upon government’s role and shared his own thoughts:

“The government is committed towards well being of its citizens. You can see the result of continued, relentless and sincere efforts as rising inflation, high petrol prices and rupee downgrade. We are working hard so that you are constantly reminded of the situation in our nation. It is like a paper cut between your fingers, you will feel the pain even when you are with your friends, drinking at a juice bar or enjoying a censor-approved Bollywood movie. You will not forget that everything is not alright and this country is going nowhere.” He refused to comment further when pressed about the last part of his statement.