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Hashtag #NorthEastIndia works wonders, Jatt boy answers all capitals of North Eastern states correctly

26, May 2015 By Shashi Mukherjee

Guwahati : Much to the shock of the entire nation, the trending #NorthEastIndia on social media has brought about some magical changes in the mindset and lifestyle of the people of rest of India.

Reports have come from Gurgaon that a Jatt boy has been found to answer all the capitals of the North Eastern states correctly in his political science class. Not only this, he also taught his family about non-conservative, inter-caste marriage allowing, no-dowry taking values of the North East Indians later in the evening in a civilized discussion.

There he cleared myths of Delhiites about streets in North East being devoid of dogs due to dogs being a part of their cuisine. The family then ended their day on a musical note listening to globally acclaimed Bhupen Hazarika songs and also pondering upon their inner meanings.

Earlier, this is what they thought ‘north east’ meant.

Surprisingly, Bollywood seems to have got madly attracted towards film-making in and with the North East. With the entire shooting of Yaariyan having been done in Sikkim and the announcement of Rock On 2 to be entirely filmed in the Scotland of the East, the mesmerising city ‘Shillong’; more and more Bollywood filmmakers have come up with scripts exploring the North East having seen beautiful scenery of the region trending all over on social media, thereby moving over Delhi-Punjab based ‘dilli de punjabi launde nu clubbing pasand hai disco mein hot bandi milti hai and party party party‘ cliched scripts.

Meanwhile, Aditya Chopra informed Faking News – “Yash Raj Films is all set to create magic with the nation’s biggest ever expected rom-com-drama ‘Originality No 1’ which is an unusual story of a Mumbai girl falling in love with a Naga Boy. We have roped in Priyanka Chopra and Meiyang Chang for the leads. The film would be directed by David Dhawan.”

Dhawan assured the media that there wouldn’t be any fakely shot Nagaland scene. Interestingly, Rohit Shetty is nowadays busy devising snow stunts which he plans to shoot in the heavenly city Tawang. On having received the Padma Shri recently, Sanjay Leela Bhansali gladly announced that he would be making a period film on the Ahom Kingdom of Assam which ruled without break for an era of 600 years glorifying all their warfare strategies, their keeping away of the Mughals and legacies in a properly budgeted Sanjay Leela Bhansali style.

Also, all the celebrities who had come up in support for Kashmir floods, Uttarakhand floods, Mumbai attacks victims and even went beyond India to help the sufferers of the recent Nepal earthquakes now seem to offer deep apologies for not speaking even a word during Assam floods or insurgency problems.

Anushka Sharma, who had auctioned her jacket to help Kashmir few months back, regretted for not having done the same for Assam thus told on camera – “I have arranged fake floods in my house. Me and my friends and also NGOs and relief-organizations who never knew about Assam floods will now stand in the waters for an entire night without having food under strict supervision of Arnab Goswami. We have also imported real Assamese mosquitoes to make things even more real. We would thus give a tribute through this one-night stand.”

Well, such has been the power of the trend #NorthEastIndia initiated by a few youths from the region. Our team extends it’s well wishes towards them.