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Harsh Vardhan to launch "Condom free India" campign to aid (population) growth

02, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Making his agenda for the next 4 years and 11 months crystal clear, Dr. Harsh Vardhan last evening told reporters that he would soon be launching a country wide campaign ‘Condom free India’.

The minister stated that in his view condoms were the first bump on road to being the most populous country in the world. “Had this been made condom free earlier we would have left china far behind in population numbers a long time back. Just imagine the pride in being the No.1 country of the world in human numbers. With no condoms around we would be able to achieve double digit population growth in no time. Growth is *the* agenda for us and what more good than to begin with population growth. We will be the new world leader and the Chinese would no longer look down upon us ever again. More people mean more demand for everything, so this in turn would lead to a higher GDP. I urge the media and the general public at large to wholeheartedly support this campaign,” the minister added.

With this move India is expected to usher in a new era of unimaginable and unprecedented growth of mankind. Mr. Harshvardhan’s comments have injected a new lease of life into maternity hospitals and companies manufacturing anti-aids medicine.