Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Happy Potato Day for the poor!

08, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Though it was not a fresh kind of protest on the part of the numerous potato growers, it was added to the security matter. The farmers might have taken advantage of the intense fog and unloaded potatoes on the wide roads. How hundreds of kilos of potatoes were scattered on the high-security roads leading to the UP assembly and the CM’s residence was a matter of investigation.

The disgruntled farmers were demanding rise in minimum support price of the produce at Rs 1000 per quintal. The Yogi Govt has fixed it at 487 per quintal.

Even then the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has promised them to resolve their problems with the forewarning of not to fall into trap of devious politicians.

However, what brought cheers on the sad, sullen and surly faces of the poor was the season’s potatoes scattered all over. This condition gave them the same joy which the thirst-quenchers realise on the eve of New Year’s night.

There was celebration time for poor people as they were cheerfully pulling together the potatoes as much as they can. They poured potatoes one by one into the burning bonfires for boiling.

The potato growers in a fit of fury had thrown their produce in a large quantity. It was indeed a D-day for them as they got golden opportunity of consuming vegetable for free.

They were fortunate enough to fill their stomach with the free availability of seasonal potato by roasting them. This arrangement was also freely available to them. The administration sets up the bonfires to warm the poor and the destitute which was also used for roasting.

It remained a good thing that thrown potatoes were consumed by the hungry otherwise these were crushed by moving vehicles. The safai workers experienced a tough time in clearing the road with their large brooms.