Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Hajj subsidy ends for girls' empowerment

17, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

From now on HAJJ subsidy stands withdrawn. The govt said subsidy for Hajj pilgrims will be scrapped this year as Mukhtar A Naqvi, minister for minority affairs said, “We believe in empowerment without appeasement. Muslims did not benefit from it. Development with dignity is what we believe in. The subsidy will be used for educating girls.”

This was done abruptly before the year 2022. The Indian Muslims did not think anything was unusual about it until they realized, their appeasement was not going to be tolerated after this declaration. Their religiosity was not acceptable to the government that’s why the subsidy was taken out this year. Was it done in view of the Air India’s proposed sale?

The government might have considered over anyone relevant point. This decision has come after a couple of days when the government allowed Muslim women above the age of 45 years to go on the pilgrimage without any male relative. If the real beneficiary of this government-backed support will no longer exist, the very significance of the financial backing stands no value.

Therefore, it was better for the government to remove the funding in line with the Apex Court’s 2012 order.

They will slowly start grasping this stark reality in an endeavour to agree to the change in existing arrangement. They will have to swallow the option of choosing either religion or education. If they want to better their educational standard they must not consider about Hajj pilgrimage. If they fathom education is more vital than religious conviction, they will easily approve of this fresh pronouncement.

The sheath of subsidy has been unpeeled by the central government that is trying carefully to not extend financial backing to the Muslims.The swift decision has been approached us with the terse message of letting the govt help the Muslims with that.