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Hail in Chennai, a phenomenon second to Big Bang Theory

02, Jul 2014 By Kandarp Pandya

Saturday, 28th of June 2014 was a day when people of Chennai witnessed something unusual. No, we are not talking about the rains, though they are equally unusual, here we are talking are about the hailstorm that hit some parts of the city.

The sky was dark and it seemed like 7 p.m darkness at 3 p.m when Mrs. Icewarya from Meenambakkam heard some crackling sound in her courtyard. On checking she found ice pellets in the courtyard. “I never imagined that I would see this in my life time, a hailstorm in Chennai,” said Mrs. Icewarya who seems to have said the same thing on the previous three such occasions of hailstorms in Chennai.


In other parts of Chennai, companies providing freezers on rent ran out of stocks as people demanded freezers to store these ice pellets and preserve them for their relatives, near and dear ones to see them for one last time.

“On hearing the news of hailstorm in Chennai, my uncle’s mother’s neighbour’s cousin’s niece was in a shock and has decided to fly from USA to see the pellet. And hence we had no option but to rent a freezer and ensure that she can see the pellet before it melts into the panch-mahabhoota. (5 elements of life),” said Mr. Babu Frost, a resident of Anna Nagar.

While many people are claiming it to be a natural phenomenon, this incident is finding various theories among various groups.

Tamil Nadu CM, Smt. J. Jayalalitha has written a letter to PM Mr. Narendra Modi stating that she feels that the government in center is treating Tamil Nadu with indifference. She said that center must take steps to save the distinctiveness of Tamil Nadu, but that is not happening. First the center urged for the use of Hindi on Social media and now this hailstorm which is usually a phenomenon in north, these are the events that are hurting the sentiments of Tamil people. But before writing the letter to the PM, she did not miss the opportunity to call a quick media conference where she boasted how Tamil Nadu witnessed hailstorm while Gujarat is yet to witness one this year.

Karnataka CM Shri. Siddaramaiah has moved to the Supreme Court demanding it to order Tamil Nadu to let hailstorms arrive in Karnataka as well. We have been fighting for our rights on Cauvery water, now along with that we will also start a protest against Tamil Nadu for not giving us our share of hailstorm as well.

While congress has blamed Dr. Subramaian Swamy for such unnatural event in Chennai, AAP is suggesting that AIADMK, the ruling party in Tamil Nadu should hold a referendum to know the public sentiments and decide if such incidents should be allowed to happen in the future or not.

Amidst all the political heat, there is a silent theory gaining grounds amidst the players of the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, which believes that the hailstorm is a result of “Regime Killer Frost Challenge” that Netherrealm has rolled out for its users.

When meteorological department was asked if they had any idea that a hailstorm was coming, they published a report on “How hailstorms are formed” which seemed to be like a plagiarized excerpt from the Social Science book of standard 7th and requested the media to refrain from asking further details as they were preparing a similar report on “Weakening of Monsoon – Causes and Effects”. Internal sources confirm that the failure of the department to forecast the hail or any event is to be blamed on various weather apps that they downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Marketplace. The department remained unavailable for comments thereafter in spite of repeated efforts.