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Hafeez Saeed Recruits Juveniles For Future Attacks

03, Feb 2013 By Rohith DSouza

The nature of the crime, the motive or the sanity of the accused at the time of the crime is all forgotten if you are even a day younger than 18 years of age. Section 15 (g) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act mandates that a juvenile aged between 16-18 years, if convicted of any offence, can be sentenced and sent to a special home for a period of three years at the maximum, and, thereafter, be released on probation.

Hearing the above, Hafeez Saeed was reportedly heard saying that it was music to his ears. He is now recruiting juveniles to carry out terrorist attacks in India since the Indian government along with some sympathizers believe that no matter what the crime is, juveniles should be treated with “care” and should be “reformed” in a “special” home.

Hafeez Saeed said “We are planning on sending kids between the age of 16 Years & 17 Years 11 months and 30 days to India to kill and blow people up. You see as long as on the day of the attack if one is a juvenile then he will have to be tried in a juvenile court. After that once the Indian Government reforms these kids then they are free to come back to Pakistan after a maximum sentence of 3 years. Is this awesome or is this awesome?”

Hafeez Saeed has blamed the Indian Government of not making the rules clear and said that, had they knew about the Juvenile justice system of India before, they would have produced a school certificate proving Ajmal Kasab, on 26/11 was only 17 years old. He said “We had fooled the entire world for years about Shahid Afridi’s age. If I am not mistaken, he did not grow a single day older than 17 Years of age for about 5 years. At one point we even reduced his age and no one noticed. We would have taken tips from Pakistan Cricket Board and would have easily proven that Kasab was only 17 years of age on 26/11″.

The risk of prosecution under Indian Penal Court now gone, applications to join Lashkar-e-Taiba have skyrocketed. Seeing this as a lucrative career option, many teenagers are now quitting high school to join the LeT. Many Pakistani experts feel that this will reduce the job loss rate in an otherwise failed economy.

To know more about different career options offered by Lashkar-e-Taiba, please contact Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Resource Development at Alternatively you can reach LeT’s Indian contact in India at (Yes, internet connection provided by Government of India in jail).