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Hackers Reveal: Upen Patel is the Gujarat model BJP was talking about

26, Sep 2014 By naujawan

Purani Dilli.  After the 4chan nudes scandal, Indian hackers have been on the hunt to skin Indian celebrities. Faking news reported a few days back that quite a few passwords had been compromised, including the likes of KRK and Rahul Gandhi.

The anonymous Indian hackers have struck again, but this time they got their hands on something they were not expecting to find. Last night at around 9 pm on Reddit, the hackers leaked official documents that show that Narendra Modi’s Gujarat Model is none other than Upen Patel.

“I don’t wish to reveal details, but we’ve managed to retrieve files that hint in this direction,” said NephroDot4.

Upen Patel, who is a participant in this year’s Bigboss, is the reason Gujarat managed to become the epitome of development. Born and brought up in the UK, Upen made his debut in the film 36 China town, for which he won two best debut awards.

To strengthen ties with China and repeat  what Upen did individually,  BJP wanted to follow the same model, full of reward and zero credibility.

Faking news got in touch with a few close friends of Upen to confirm these claims. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck then it has to be Upen,” said someone who’s close to Upen.

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