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H C Verma gives new constant to be used in numericals: "Package of 2-tier Engineering Graduates in India"

22, Sep 2016 By The Dalai Dose

Right from the days of Aryabhatta till C.V. Raman and Homi Bhabha, India has been instrumental in giving the world new concepts and inventions in various fields. Following the same trend, in what can be a sure-shot Nobel prize winning discovery, author of Indian Pulley numerical book, HC Verma has announced the discovery of a new constant- “Package of 2-tier Engineering Graduates in India”.

Prof giving explanation about his new Constant
Prof giving explanation about his new Constant

According to Verma, the value of this new constant- “Package of 2-tier Engineering Graduates in India” is 3.5 Lakhs per annum which can be used to solve numericals. “This is a result of my decades of observations. Though the world around us has rapidly changed and transformed, there is one thing which has not seen any change, i.e. the package offered by companies to fresh engineering graduates. So, apart from G (gravitational constant), C (speed of light in vacuum), the next big constant to be invented will be P-2tier (“Package of 2-tier Engineering Graduates in India”).

When one of the HR of the Bulk Hiring IT companies was asked about this, she said jovially, “In fact, after selecting the students, we ask each one of them if any of their elder brothers, sisters, fathers, grandfathers or any distant ancestor had been placed in our company through campus. If they say yes, we do not provide them offer letter and ask them to take a copy of the same from their family members. As nothing has changed with respect to the CTC has changed, the same holds good. This has helped us in our CSR initiative of saving paper”.

There are reports that a panel of eminent economists from around the world are to visit India to research on how this constant is Inflation-Free. The Package is expected to remain constant for many decades to come as Nostradamus has predicted seeing Kalki Avatar, the last avatar of Vishnu, as an engineering student holding an offer letter of 3.5 lakhs per annum.