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Guy tweets 'Katju is a nut', gets arrested by police

26, Feb 2013 By Method in-Madness

Delhi: On Saturday, a famous twitter personality Mr. Khujliwala (name changed to protect identity) known for his smart wise-ass tweets was arrested by local police here for allegedly tweeting the words- “#Katju is a nut”. The tweet went viral and ended up being retweeted thousands of times. It also started a trend “#KatjuIsANut”.

As one can see, there is clear difference between the two. Justice Katju (above) and Kaju, the Cashew nut (below)
On close observation, one can see clear difference between the two, Justice Katju (above) and Kaju, the Cashew nut (below)

Justice Markandey Katju, who is also active on twitter, pissed off by the trend, filed a complaint at a local police station leading to arrest of Khujliwala.

Mr. Khujliwala is known for taking potshots and poking fun at celebrities and politicians. However, this time, his victim Justice Katju, didn’t take the potshot too lightly. Acting on the complaint, the police arrived at Khujliwala’s house sometime on Monday morning and arrested him.

The police booked a case of defamation against the accused Mr. Khujliwala, who was produced before a local magistrate.  Some of his followers and supporters had gathered to protest outside the Court calling for his release.

It is learnt that during the proceeding, Mr. Khujliwala clarified that he was referring to Kaju (Hindi word for Cashew nuts). “I was talking about Cashew nut, which we call Kaju in Hindi. Kaju is a nut so all I said on twitter was ‘Kaju is a nut’, though I mistakenly wrote Kaju as Katju”, Mr. Khujliwala is reported to have said.

Following this, the magistrate released Mr. Khujliwala with a stern warning not to compare Kaju,the nut, with Justice Katju.

Mr. Khujliwala was seen grinning away as he made his way out of the Court.