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Guy sues car company over discrepancy in his car's horse power after a tug of war with 100 horses

25, Jun 2014 By kronos
A vacation plan was ruined for the physicist Arnav Shivajinagarkar when he went to Goa last week after a tug of war with 100 horses. What he found after the game left him in complete shock.
Arnav has been a successful physicist at a research lab in Pune. His parents and close friends described him as an eccentric person. His parents often used to find him trying to write in air (while blinking his eyes rapidly) instead of playing with friends. They always knew that he would become a scientist and they were right. He was apoointed as a research scientist in Bhabhi (named after famous Savitaji) Research Center. After years of hard work at his research lab, he was finally able to afford to go to…a clothing store, much to his joy, during a lucky draw contest. Since the cashier didn’t have the required change, he handed him a lucky draw ticket from his pocket.
To everyone’s surprise (especially the cashier who ripped off his own hair after hearing this), he won the top prize which was a Fonda Kitty! Arnav went unconscious for 3 straight days. At this point he was being compared to Mr. Jaikal Shoemaker, the famous auto-rickshaw racer who has also been in the similar condition for a long time now.
Just after seconds of waking up, he was found in a very elated condition and he started making plans for a vacation. He decided to go to Goa (I know! In the rainy season!). Anyway, his trip was very quickly planned since he didn’t have any friends to ask. When he reached there, after finding empty beaches during this time of the year in Goa (Seriously, what was he thinking!?), he felt quite sad. At that exact moment, just like in the Bollywood movies, it started raining after a loud thunder and he quickly ran towards the nearest shade. There he found over 100 horses (with their empty carriages). As soon as he was done verifying the count, an idea popped in his mind. The no. 100 rang a bell! His new car had 101 HP (Horse Power, by the way) under specifications. He thought of playing a tug-of-war with his car against those horses challenging the owner of those carriages for some quick money. He thought he will easily win since his car had 1 extra Horse’s Power. The game started with full enthusiasm with Arnav driving his new Fonda on one side and 100 Horses pulling the rope from the other side. Soon, Arnav found that his car isn’t able to generate enough power and the Horses finally won. Arnav, having lost Rs. 100 in the bet felt very cheated and decided to sue the company for the false claim of 100 Horse Power.
The company spokesperson Mr. Janmohan Bing kept mum for few days, which was his nature anyway. With the ensuing media pressure, he finally spoke after seeking due permission from his godmother. Initially, he denied Mr. Arnav’s claims in the press conference. However, when the viral video of Arnav’s tug-of-war was shown in the conference itself, he declared that he will escalate the matter to the legal and the technical teams in the company. After the enduring wait of 4 minutes for Arnav, during which he cooked 2 Noodle packs, the legal team replied to Mr. Arnav’s notice by saying that their claim of 100 Horse Power was right. They also showed the approved test results. After verifying those test results, Mr. Arnav was shocked to learn that claim was about 100 baby Horse Power! This was mentioned under the Terms and Conditions part, which Mr. Arnav was later found to have ignored and signed (or so claims his lawyer). Mr. Arnav has again gone unconscious, at the exact moment when Mr. Shoemaker became conscious! Mr. Arnav’s lawyer meanwhile, shouted foul play on the part of Fonda. The Fonda spokesperson Mr. Janmohan wittily replied by saying that it wasn’t foul play but it was Foal play! Mr. Janmohan has been made president of the pun club of the company since that comment.
So, the moral of the incidence is that one should always read the terms and conditions properly.