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Gurgaon techie discovers drinkable mosquito repellent

08, Jun 2014 By 1stall2

With summer at its peak in Gurgaon, power cuts and mosquitos are a common problem. But a techie claims to have discovered the elixir which can repel mosquitoes and put an end to all these problems.

Tanker(Name given in college) claims the discovery was an accident like most of the others in history. As per him he was spending a usual dull hapless evening at his home after office with nothing to do so he went out to buy his daily quota of beer. Being the end of month he was only able to afford one bottle of warm beer at a dicount of Rs 10 for not being chilled and came back home.

Bure din aa gaye hain.

As soon as he opened his beer there was a power cut which did not surprise him much and he continued with his beer surrounded by mosquitos. But to his surprise with the first sip he felt that mosquito are not able to bite him and as he bottmed the beer all the mosquitos were on floor.

It was a moment of clarity there as he saw all the mosquitos dead on floor and in his words, “I knew I have found some thing special today.”

He plans to get warm beer patented on his name as a mosquito repellent and sees a big market for it in coming days. When asked about his near future plans he said he plans to conduct more tests with beer and even a mix of hard drinks after he gets his salary on 1st of the next month.

When medical experts (Mostly Males) were contacted for comments they claimed they have always known beer is great and believed it can do wonders. Hearing the news some of them were already out getting samples to test the product.

One of the techies roommate claimed that Tanker has always been brilliant and we knew he would do something great if he was able to pass college. He went on to add that during college days also he had mixed a cocktail which he claimed to provide him nightvision and improved reflexes while driving at night.