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Gujjars to provide consultancy for reservation

03, Jun 2015 By profyogendra

Rajasthan: Following the success of their agitation, Gujjars declared that by their proven track record (literally), now they have gained a high level of expertise in performing the task. Since they have already achieved the desired reservation, now their focus is to utilise the expertise gained by years of hard work.

In an exclusive interview with our special correspondent Khabarbaaz, Mr Faisla shared his future plans:

Khabarbaaz: Sir, how are you feeling after getting 5% reservation?

Faisla: We are actually feeling good that after years of efforts we have been able to achieve our goal. But still I feel we should have got more reservation.

Gujjars improving their track record
Gujjars improving their track record

Khabarbaaz: What are your plans for future?

Faisla: This is very clear. After years of efforts we have developed the technique to achieve desired reservation. This is quite ingenious. We failed so many times, but we did not lose hope. We tried repeatedly with little bit of modification in our methodology. It is quite like an experiment done in lab. We did it on Railway tracks & on roads. We are thinking of getting the technique patented.

Khabarbaaz: But why do you want to patent it ?

Faisla: It is our intellectual property. We don’t want people to use it just like that. Leaders of some communities which are interested in getting reservations are already in touch with us. If deals get finalised, we’ll provide them necessary consultancy.

Khabarbaaz: What will be the key areas of your consultancy ?

Faisla: I can’t disclose my business secrets with you on a public platform. But yes that’ll definitely include selection of best suitable railway tracks, roads for chakka-jaam, media management, negotiating skills with authorities etc. For interested person, ‘how to get an MP ticket along with’  will be  provided as an add on service.

Khabarbaaz: Thank you Mr Faisla for giving your precious time.

Faisla: You are welcome. Do help us in getting clients. We’ll give you special incentives.