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Gujarati man starts campaign to become Prime Minister in order to get US visa

02, Jun 2014 By anubhasinha

After seeing Mr. Narendra Modi getting US visa, on becoming India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Kishanbhai Patel of Jamnagar has decided to form a party and become Prime Minister.

Speaking from his home, also occupied by 67 of his immediate family, Mr. Patel hailed the out of the box thinking done by Mr. Narendra Modi in order to get the visa.

Modi’s reaction.

“I have been rejected 6 times by the US consulate in Mumbai for my Green Card , even though my 183 1st cousin is in US,” Mr. Patel said with a sad tone. After being tired of spending money and time on obtaining a US visa and getting humiliated, Mr. Patel launched his party “Dhokla Party “.

The slogan of his party he said would be ” Mr. Patel dilaenege tumko vyapar , gaari paisa; fikra na karo , nahi hoga reject US visa.

He told the reporters that his party manifesto of giving US visa to every Gujarati has made him an overnight hero and savior in the Gujarati community and he is confident of his victory. He has already launched his Facebook page and Twitter handle among much fanfare during his 3rd cousins engagement ceremony which saw a gathering of 436 Patels. Upon hearing surety of getting a US visa, Gujaratis broke into Dandiya celebrations.

Speaking via skype, Mr. Patel said,”I have chosen Dhokla as my symbol, because it represents the Gujarati entrepreneurship, hard work, our light hearted nature and a symbol of Gujarati pride. Also we will be holding ‘Dhokla karega na koi vaada khokhla’ discussion series akin to ‘Chai pe Charcha’ as done by Shri Modibhai. “

He also mentioned how his family in US will be supporting him by offering 1 free Dhokla to all Indians going back to India in the Dunkin Donut shops that they own. (Only if they purchase orders more than $50 ).

He again thanked Modi bhai for showing them the correct way to get the US visa and how he will follow the same. He is extremely confident of his victory. He added that for his election campaign he has started going to gym to build his biceps. “56 inch ka seena nahi to kya 26 inch ki baaju se to kaam chal sakta hain na,” he said.

It will be interesting to see how he fares in the upcoming elections . Our team wishes him all the best.

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