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Gujarat to be renamed as ModiLand to help media report better

15, Apr 2015 By uthamavillain

In a not so unexpected turn of events, Modi’s BJP government has decided to rename the Indian state of Gujarat as Modi Land. This decision was taken and accepted unanimously as everyone in media keep referring to Gujarat as Modi’s land in the past few years.

Headlines from some of the recent articles quoted below:

In Modi’s Gujarat 2 children go missing

In Modi land buffaloes are defecating both in saffron and green colour.

You can feel the toxicity of Carbon monoxide because of Industries in Modi Pradesh.

Since the fourth pillar of democracy AKA journalism in India is aptly represented by the media, which day in and day out tries to reflect the people sentiments through their journalism of courage has decided to call Gujarat as Modiland.

Some BJP social media representatives who woke up for coffee picked the story and informed their top management.

Amit Shah, the electoral chanakya has carefully weighed in the electoral benefits and briefed the Saheb that it was a good idea.

Hence Modi’s BJP Government decided to bring in an ordinance to rename Gujarat to Modiland. Rajnath Singh has already started tweeting in Hindi referring Gujarat as Modi Pradesh and Shivraj Chouhan has drafted his congratulatory tweet and ready to send tweet anytime soon.

Come 2019 if Modi delivers even half of the promises made, Media might just start calling India as Modi’s India and maybe even Modia.