Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Gujarat election going to give new Nobel laureate to India

25, Dec 2017 By rofl gujju

Stockholm, Sweden: Mainstream media already covered the reports that Bejing and Islamabad had eyes on the result of the Gujarat election results. But we the faking news get exclusive news that someone sitting in Sweden also had eyes not only on the Gujarat election results but also on the ongoing Gujarat election campaign. Faking news sources from Sweden reported that, Nobel prize committee listed some potential winner for the 2018 prizes.

Nobel prize in Chemistry: This innovation going to be a game changer for the millions of the farmers across the world. This innovation which going to convert potatoes into gold likely to get a Nobel prize for India for sure.

Nobel prize in economic science: We have been taught that 1+1 become 2. This is the basic equation that is being taught to every student in class 1. But a new equation proposed by Mr. Modi in the Gujarat election campaign where he claimed that he can make 1+1=11.

Nobel Prize in Literature: We all know that the power of the pen is more than the bullet sometimes. But this man proves that the power of the spoken word is more than the power of the word written by pen. Just one word was spoken by this man turn around the elections result of the state having a population of 6.5 crores.

Nobel Peace Prize: Though this did not link directly to the Gujarat election but this incident took place amidst of the Ongoing Gujarat election process. Many saw this political development as the part of the peace process.