Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

GST compels public view life wisely

09, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is new after the execution of the goods and services tax? Has it brought economic freedom to the consumers? Have the prices lowered? Is there any real change in the life of the general public? The students find to study a new chapter on this fresh taxation rules in the country. It has certainly not helped people but on the contrary, the common man’s clandestine temper has been provoked. Why does the GST not influence tomato’s rate in the retail market?

Whatever was selling at the minimal price was not within the consumers’ reach at present. A very common ingredient of our indigenous meal is no longer reaching to our empty stomach. When one hubby told his wife of consuming chicken if the vegetables’ retail price had been skyrocketing these days, she abruptly shot back without the tomato’s mixture this non-vegetarian item can’t be prepared for a good taste. So, he decided to sustain life in the liquid form of foods. Previously we used to consume dal and roti but the post-GST days are compelling us to eat one single thing. We can only avoid the vision of the fact by shutting our eyes and imagine of nicest things to occur one day.

When the dismayed voice will swell in volume, there will glow real radiance of the dream which they dreamt of. The housewives are growling at direct punch on their conversations in free time. This is so because when they are now receiving only rupees 39. 37 paisa on recharge of fifty rupees with a GST cut of 7.63 paise. Earlier they used to get a total of forty-two rupees on recharge of that amount. The government has really damaged the things directly for them. Still, the shopkeepers are demanding their own prices on several items of daily use.