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Grooms refuse to take friends and adult cousins in Baarat Party

21, Apr 2015 By khakshar

Haridwar. Marriages in and near by Haridwar are very peaceful affairs now a days. No “Nagin-Dance”, no Road Jams and no show of love for “Barat Watchers by Groom Party” has been seen in recent week.

Songs like “Aaye Hein Barati Baraat Le Ke” and “Doli barat mein Saath me Laya Re” seem to have disappeared from street of Haridwar this marriage season. Friends, Brothers and Cousins of a Groom  have been asked  not to attend Marriage ceremony and to perform Nagin Dance close doors only after much deliberations.

While supporters of BabaJi would like us to believe that it was due to his influence that the Youths in and around Haridwar have achieved this. The “Halo” around the Ashram has sanitized the area in and around the Holy City of Social ills.

Nagin Dance
Nagin Dance in an Indian wedding

His support of “Swachch Bharat’ has made Youths take vow not to vomit on roads, explained his protege. However knowing the Indian Youth, the logic seemed too far fetched even by our own standards. We decided to take stocks. The roving eye correspondent @khakshar who was in Haridwar to pay penance for spreading mills of stories by our Editors and to pray that his posts make it to mainstream.

The real story unfolded.

An ex of the Groom entered at a marriage ceremony, as the couple was to exchange garlands. The woman slapped the bridegroom several times and threatened to call Police under section 1860 of fraudulent marriage. The bride refused to marry the groom. Elders in the Baarat Party suggested that the bride consider marrying the man’s younger brother instead. This was accepted by both the Brother “in arm” and the bride.

The happenings at the marriage has led to Grooms deciding against inviting friends to marriage. Brothers and eligible Cousins are eyed with suspicion. However the Band-Walls are a harassed lot. Their source of Tips has dried and they have to practice Old Barat songs like “Mere Yaar Ki Shaddi Hai” and “Do ghut mujhe bhi pila de”.