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Groom’s family demands more dowry after Kejriwal said every Delhiite is CM

26, Dec 2013 By maddeningwiseacre

And yet another dowry case hit headlines after Kejriwal declared his oath taking ceremony at the Ramlila Maidan on December 28 (Saturday).

Raj and Simran were supposed to tie the auspicious knot in January but unfortunately, one statement by Kejriwal cut short their marriage.

Arvind Kejriwal
“LOL, never thought of that.”

Kejriwal’s Chief Ministership became the bane in Simran’s (bride) life after AAP Chief and Delhi’s next CM invited Delhiites to attend the oath taking ceremony and said that the people of Delhi would be the chief minister and not him.

Though dowry is a criminal offence in India, but under the wraps it is still widely practiced. Generally he groom’s family demand’s dowry based on their son’s salary, working status, education and most importantly his occupation.

Simran’s father told Faking News that after Kejriwal’s statement the groom’s family started demanding 28% more dowry (added to the base charge) as his family now considers that their son is also Delhi’s Chief Minister and hence skyrocketed his rates. It is believed that Simran’s family have already paid Rs.10 lakh to Raj’s family. Simran called off the wedding after watching her father under tremendous pressure.

While few similar cases have been noticed in various parts of Delhi, wedding market experts stated that the statement could deeply affect the business this season as the brides might call off the weddings like Simran did.

Another shocking news was when 52-year-old Karol bag retired professor Mr Tejram Pandey refused to pay his electricity bill after Kejriwal’s statement saying that Chief Minister of a State is entitled maximum up to 5000 electric units consumed per month and he had only consumed 2089 units.

A Rajouri Garden based 26-year-old engineer sued his employer after his demand of being provided with a private car with services of a Chauffeur and petrol for the car up to a maximum of 700 litres/month was denied by the management.

The young engineer told Faking News, “as Kejriwal ji said, we all are Chief Minister of the state; hence it is my right to demand for conveyance. Moreover, I don’t want the money to go to the Congress MLAs as Kejriwal ji himself denied the remuneration. As an Aam Aadmi I have more right on it”.