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Groom files FIR against bride for not crying on the wedding day

23, Apr 2015 By Zaid Arif

A groom is reported to have lodged an FIR against his bride for not crying on the day they got married, as is the tradition in India.

The FIR lodged with Paatalganj police station reads, “The bride’s action was cognizably aimed at denigrating the age old prestige and repute of the groom’s family. Hence violating the section 120B of Indian Marriage Law and attracting severe punishment under different sections of Indian In-Laws Torturing Code.”

On being approached, the Superintendent of Police refused to make any comment as the inquiry was still going on. However, the SP informed the reporters that his team is in touch with honest and real-time police officers of Crime Patrol and Sawdhan India in order to reach to a logical conclusion of this urgent and sensitive matter.

Crying at marriage
Even outsiders start crying at weddings

Later in a press conference, the groom’s father claimed that no one dared enter into his house this way. To make a point, he showed the video footage of his own marriage where the bride was seen weeping and hugging her family members just before leaving for her husband’s or rather her in-law’s home.

“See, how helplessly is she crying. She cried when she was supposed to. Now she is ring master and makes everyone cry whenever she wants to,” stated the father with widened chest. He further continued with anger peeping out of his eyes, “And look at this bride. I did not see even a single drop of tear rolling over her cheeks. It is a swift blow on our prestige.”

“She did not weep when she was supposed to, now she will cry for whole life,” added the groom’s mother who was sitting next to the father.

On being approached, the bride’s father stated, “Our family has been training her on weeping and crying since she was born. Whenever she committed a mistake her mother reminded her of her In-Laws and said, “Jahaan Jayegi Naak Kata Kar Rakh Degi (she will make us ashamed in her in-law’s house).”

Highly placed sources informed that the bride’s father has rendered unconditional apology to the groom’s family and promised that the same would not be repeated next time. To compensate the loss he offered to increase the amount of dowry by 50 per cent.

The Baraatees were also taken aback when they noticed the bride not crying. One among the Baraatees preferring being anonymous said, “I just attended my sister’s marriage. She wept and all other family members and relatives joined her in weeping. She and her childhood friends were about to inundate not only the house but the whole Muhalla with their tear.”

Another Baraatee suggested saying, “I know it is difficult for one to cry on a festive occasion. The bride should have rehearsed for the same and if it was difficult for her to cry, her parents would have hired some professional Weepers. After all it is a matter of one’s respect and prestige.”

The reporters tried to get in touch with the bride but they could not as the bride was asked by her in-laws to abstain from making any comment. If the bride’s friends are to be believed, she watched the Deepika Padukone’s women empowerment video several times just before her marriage.

“It’s my choice….to cry or not to cry. They don’t have a size for my spirit,” the bride has been quoted as saying.