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Greenpeace says the new NGO 'OfflinePeace' is a threat to national activism security

18, Jun 2014 By Ravi Kiran

As the social media is abuzz with the NGOs voicing their strong protest against the Intelligence Bureau report – which reported that the NGOs are proving to be a ‘threat to national economic security’ – a new NGO by the name “OfflinePeace” has come up. The launch event took place at an IT park in Banglore.

The organisation aims to reduce global warming by reducing internet usage. Speaking to our reporter at the sidelines of the event – the founding member of the NGO, Arundati Pathkar, said that the social media was proving to be a threat to the planet.


“Do you know what happens every time you casually send out a tweet? It emits 0.02 grams of C02 into the atmosphere. With 500 million tweets sent daily, a total of 10 metric tons of CO2 is emitted per day. You are destroying the planet by just tweeting your mindless thoughts. This mindlessness has to stop now!” said a furious Pathkar.

She also spoke about the ill effects of the meaningless retweets.

“And they don’t stop at posting a tweet. They retweet, worse, manual re-tweet, favorite tweets, follow people & what not..and you wonder why the glaciers are melting! This is a disease. People posting funny stuff to attract RTs should be made a crime. The government should lock up that guy @rameshsrivats immediately, or else there is no hope for the planet. This is not a funny matter. An RT can melt glaciers. Hashtag activism could cause floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones. When will we understand the enormity of this? ” she questioned as the charged up audience applauded her.

The NGO is planning to campaign aggressively against the internet, especially the social media. They want to do all that they can to mount pressure on the Indian Government.

When a conscious audience asked about their postal address to contact them, Pathkar replied that there was no time to wait for their postal mails.

“We are in a very grave situation. We don’t have time. Can’t wait for your speed posts to arrive. So tweet us on our twitter handle @offlinepeace. When you tweet, don’t forget to add the hashtag we are using for the campaign #StopTweeting. ‘Like’ us on Facebook for our updates. Also, we are planning to upload 100s of hours of video content on this issue on our YouTube page. Do subscribe,” she detailed on how to get updated and participate in the campaign.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace, the NGO which heavily relies on social media to campaign and mobilise support, was furious about the launch of this new NGO.

“This NGO is a threat to ‘national activism security’. This a a conspiracy by the government of India to throttle activism in the country. We strongly believe that the government is sponsoring this. The NGO should come clean on their funding, ” Greenpeace cried foul in a press release.

But the government’s official spokesperson, Marendra Nodi, has completely ‘denied’ this. He said that the government has got nothing to do with the NGO. “We welcome the new NGO ‘OfflinePeace’. It is a commendable effort. But we completely ‘deny’ allegations that the government is funding it,” he said.

When Fakingnews approaced a government official in the PMO, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, with a wry smile, quoted Otto Van Bismarck: “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.”