Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Green bucks revolution by small farmer

28, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

The Green revolution was a success story that emanated from the fertile lands of Punjab in the late 60’s. It resulted in record wheat production in India.

Decades later in 2013, a small farmer in the small state of Haryana, has ushered in a Green Bucks Revolution. Our Economist turned Botanist Dr.MMS convinced the Nation that “Money does not grow on trees”. But the enterprising small farmer has proved him wrong!

VVIP Small Farmer

The small farmer has successfully proved that money grows in the farms and lands of Haryana. Solar Plants, Housing parks are the two species in which money has grown profusely and harvested in abundance. Relying purely on Organic inputs like Fake Deeds, Dud Cheques and Clean Chits, the Green Bucks harvested by the small farmer is found to be a taint free GM (Government Mutated) variety.

Buoyed by his success in Haryana, the small farmer has already ventured into the large state of Rajasthan where he owns DLF (Debt and Loan Free) lands. With winds of patronage blowing in his direction, the small farmer is now applying for patents.

When contacted for his views, a close relative of the small farmer said ‘it is a state of mind’ and added that ‘If Congress is a farm land then Robert is the owner by default’.