Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Great source of trouble for traders

01, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Rahul Gandhi seems to be reasonable in calling the Goods & Services Tax system half-baked. If it were perfect in every aspect, there would not have been objection over it by the traders. Though the political party running the direct commands of seasoned politician Sharad Pawar said what was the fuss all over?

A special session of the Parliament has been convened to announce its promulgation in the country. How can it be a tool of economic freedom when the traders are openly criticising and protesting its sentences making them on edge? They even did not hesitate in raising a call for the Bharat Bandh which was pursued to protest the GST (Great Source of Trouble). The traders see various unfavourable points which are not worth to be satisfactory for their business.

What a government it is! It is only confining people’s freedom and unhampered way of life. One requires Aadhar card for withdrawing one’s own money from the bank’s branch. One needs a helmet to obtain fuel to run one’s vehicle. One has to provide proof of one’s identity at every stage. One appears to be distancing oneself from rights to freedom. There is the restriction on choosing food of one’s choice.

There are not adequate rains for providing relief to the denizens. They are feeling the brunt of the adverse weather on even vegetables. The prices are going up at intervals. The growers are waiting for the showers in order to enhance the vegetables’ prices to a more undesirable level. The tomato has already brought much pain to the common public since the hike in its prices. However, the astute vegetable sellers are solacing the consumers by saying that the rates will decrease but not below sixty rupees per Kilogramme. It indicates that the customers have to wait till another four to six months for a decrease in the retail prices.