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Govt to introduce Right to Rape bill, Mulayam excited

10, Jun 2014 By bharamgyani

In the wake of rising instances of rape across country, government has decided to legalize it. Government will be introducing “right to rape” bill in upcoming budget session. Under this bill, every citizen will be granted the right to rape and every victim will be entitled for pre-decided compensation.

Legal now!
To be legal soon!

Compensation will be decided based on gender, social status, age, look, skin color and physical attributes. Government has provisioned 30% reservation for SC / ST and 10 % quota for OBCs in total rapes in a year. A Pilot project is underway in UP and once streamlined, it will be rolled out across India.

Mulayam singh has appreciated a move and declared his support for the bill by quoting, “every third minute, a woman is raped. This reflects the huge demand among public for rape and being a democratic government, one cannot ignore public’s wish. We will be making all possible contributions in making pilot project a huge success in UP”

As part of “Minimum government, maximum governance”, government is trying to do away with impractical and non-implementable laws.

Reading out government’s official statement, woman and child minister Menka Gandhi said, “Government is wasting huge amount of resources in polices cases and judicial systems for rape cases given that in most of the cases, guilty is not punished. Legalizing rape will free up these resources which will be utilized to make animal rights more effective.”

“Its the human psychology to be attracted to prohibited things. Imperial studies have shown that prohibition of drugs has led to rise in consumption of the same. Legalizing rape should remove the “glamour and fantasy” factor out of it and making it non attractive and reduce occurrences dramatically.

Additionally, legalization of rape should create better ways to “went out” one’s frustrations. This eventually will result in reduced domestic violations and eventually strengthen institute of marriage and family” said world renowned psychologist Dr. Ghanteshwer.

Opposition is demanding for a provision to releasing all convicted rapist for fairness and social justice.