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Govt scraps all types of reservation, will formulate a strategy for economically weaker section

25, Feb 2016 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi. Sick and tired of the demand of many of the minority classes to provide them with a special status in the constitution of India, the government of India has decided to thrash all types of quotas provided to categories solely on basis of their caste.

The decision was taken in a special parliamentary meet where ministers themselves proposed the legislation of eliminating caste based reservation after being fed up of succumbing to the protests and agitations led by communities fighting for the tag of backward category every now and then.

And here, government says 'NO'
And here, government says ‘NO’

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, one of the minister, name undisclosed for obvious reasons, said, “It is becoming a daily job for a few class of people to come down to roads, vandalizing public property and disturbing the daily lives of normal people. Shops and Dhabas are being burnt, railways and roadways are chakka-jammed and pipelines are being uprooted. School and work life is getting disrupted. The expenses occurred to resume daily lives are more than the benefit these people will get from reservation.”

“Perhaps, the only category left to claim minority is the general category. So before general category also comes for claiming minority status, Ministry of Economic Advisory has formulated a plan where the quota will be provided to public on their economic status. Only this way reservation can be justified in our country”, the minister added.

Our reporter interviewed an old-aged Tau as how he is seeing the agitations led by his community for reservation, to which he said, “Dekho ji..baalako ka todd-phod karn ka mann kareyo, to pohch gye launde lath le kar sadkon par…”

“Aarakshan te phasion se..quota sareyan paas se, hamre paas koni…to Humne bhi Sarkar aage maang rakh di”, said Tau while twirling his moustache and having flavoured hookah in his farmhouse which had one Audi and one Mercedes parked in the garage.

Notably, this is believed to be first such legislation passed in the Parliament history where opposition has supported the Govt and participated positively without disturbing and interrupting the session.