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UP govt schools connect parents

16, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The long wait for a decrease in quarterly fee of the convent schools is proving to be an endless hope. This complexity remains unanswered and reached a level of an unkind tussle between the parents and the schools. However, the angst has been raised in the shape of democratic protests. There stays behind the parents’ intense irritation and concerted concern owing to non-stop increase in the Convent schools’ quarterly fee. In the absence of any instant solution in the competent Yogi rule, the parents appear to be turning towards the government schools on way to the transformation procedures.

As the English-medium schools’ fee gets hiked year after year, the parents have willingly expressed their desire to remove their wards from so-called better-quality educational institutions. A rapid change in the parents’ attitudes has been growing after no positive control upon an incessant increase in the fee structure. They are now compellingly cursing the posh older schools for its capricious contemplations. So, shifting to the indigenous system comes as the only option before them. This can be a perfect solution as of now in their changed consideration. The Convent schools are candidly pulling out higher fee amount in the name of quality education.

Although their impulsive deviation was vociferously favoured by most of the parents yet there was the main problem of the transfer certificate. This big problem seemed exactly akin to that of Jack which he faced before the giant slayer in a Hollywood film, “Jack of Giant Slayer”. Seeing that it has been firmly taking a shape of a consensus among them, it can be a just move in the positive course. They are overheard saying that even the Convent schools are not providing the better facilities. These schools also do not even maintain toilets in a cleaner way. The students are compelled to consume the lunch on the ground of the open corridors.

Still, the teachers do not feel any compunction in running the younger students under the scorching sun. Such schools cannot be categorised wholly distinct from all inferior anomalies sticking with the govt schools. The English-medium schools do not bother caring about the parents’ problems. Now, the government schools are coming forward with an extra emphasis on the people’s participation for better functioning. A committee consisting of six mothers of the students will look into the affairs of the school. This panel will maintain its direct gaze at the teaching standard, completion of the syllabus and particularly the teachers’ behaviour with the humble students. Not only will this but the members will also check the quality of the mid-day meal thoroughly. Complaints in regard to the substandard meal, nutrition-less meal, insanitation will also be attended. This panel would remove these problems and make plans for the students’ regular attendance. Attendance of teachers and students has been made hundred percent compulsory. Strict action will be taken on irresponsibility. There are as many as 1.45 lakh UP Board schools where a total of 1.85 lakh students are getting an education with mid-day meals.