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Govt to provide shampoo, body lotion, soap etc. in school to supplement mid day meal

25, Jan 2017 By rofl gujju

New Delhi: It’s more than 10 years of mid day meal which govt introduced in schools to increase nutrition in child. But even after more than 10 years, million of Indian children are still malnutrition. Hence, ourĀ faking news sources confirm that Govt has decided to introduce beauty products to school as essential supplements to ongoing mid day meal program.

It’s will be wrong to assume that Govt introduced these products for the hygiene purpose, which also part of the public health. Govt is thinking to bring these product as nutrition supplies.

Protein: Pulses are main sources of protein in India. Pulse prices rise to sky to import them. So, Govt has decided to introduce this protein supplement:

A healthy herbal alternative to expensive protein rich diet
A healthy herbal alternative to expensive protein rich diet

Milk: Many state govts on their expenditure introduce milk in the project but quality and availability of the milk remain key issue. So this is going to be introduced:

New age tasty substitute to milk
New age tasty substitute to milk

Dry fruits: After black money ban, the rich and the poor have become equal and now govt wants to introduce an exclusive rich food basket of the dry fruits for poor children.

Now every child will have a sip of dryfruit

Vitamin: Vitamins and anti Oxidants are very important for the growth of the child. Due to lack of the storage facilities, India can not provide fresh fruits to the schools which supplement the Vitamin. So, Here is the product that Govt is going to introduce:

Full of multivitamin