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Govt makes Debit and Credit Cards compulsory to stop falling rupee

17, Aug 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi.  The falling Rupee is making new records every day by hitting a new low against the US Dollar. The Center government finally comes up with new idea to stop falling of Indian rupee. Govt made debit and credit cards compulsory for all Indian citizens with immediate effect.

An Image of Debit and Credit cards

The decision was taken in a cabinet meeting call by UPA chairperson for taking measures against falling rupee. After few hour of discussion on the measures how to stop the rupee from falling, government finally reached on a point to make compulsory debit and credit cards immediately.

The government ordered RBI to take back all the circulating money from the market and order the all banks to issue Debit and credit card to all people. Government is going to alter the rules regarding the holding of money if anybody found with cash should be charge according to law.

“If you’re thinking that idea was given by dig vijay than you are wrong this time, the idea was given by our youth leader who recently passes BA in economics with 59.99%,” The Spokesperson told to faking news.

He further added, “If there is not rupee in circulation than how rupee will fall against US dollar that’s the reason we make debit and credit card compulsory.”

The decision created outrage among people who belong from rural Bharat and don’t know how to use theses cards and in Urban India people are making fun of the govt decision on social media while political party blaming the government for finding a new method of scam in the name of saving falling rupee.

The government imposed Section 144 across India to stop the demonstration of people against such Hitler rule imposed on them. And a circular is sent to all police department to make themselves ready with Lathi, water cannon, teargas and with few stones in their pockets.