Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Govt hospitals are tiring patients!

15, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Like the government schools, like the government hospitals. Private schools are more qualitative and similar impression goes for the private medical centres. The government hospital plainly helps the patients save the bulgy doctor’s fee. Therefore the people save themselves from instant financial burden from government organisations. This is a big respite for the people. But the other experience is quite horrible indeed. The patients do not avail the kind of treatment they generally expect. That is why the government hospitals are nowhere standing for its credence. It is here the private hospitals prevail and the suffering patients follow the proverbial path of marta kya nahi Karta.

The patients’ travails are numerous at the government hospitals. By obtaining the prescription slip from the counter, the patient’s first squabble occurs just at the doctor’s room. Once the white prescription card is deposited for the call, the long wait begins till the turn comes. Examining the suffering patient, the doctor concerned prescribes the necessary medicines. From this place, the patient reaches the store for procuring the medicines his anxiety further heightens with the particular hint of non-availability. Already burdened with worries and concerns the patient has to face the trouble of buying the medicines. Thus the very purpose of help from the government hospital shatters.

The idea of free treatment looks redundant with the desertion. The patients start cursing and regretting at their fate. They realise of being cheated not treated at the government hospitals.  The Hallet Hospital’s intensive care unit is itself undergoing with scarceness of ample nursing staff. Running since the year between 2007 and 2012, its utility was not fully attained. Primarily planned with the capacity of 56 beds, it began with just 27 beds. Huge amounts were spent in the ICU’s initiation while the expected service was not reaching the patients.