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Government urgently calls Baba Khan Bengali for suggestions to stop free fall in rupee

19, Aug 2013 By vinay pandey

In an indiscernible move, government has invited world famous Baba Khan Bengali Gurgaon wale in the cabinet meeting scheduled today to discuss solutions to arrest the fall in rupee.

Baba Bengali
Baba Bengali

It has been reported that Baba has accepted the invite, though tentatively as Abhishek Bachhan already has a prior booking to get baba’s blessings for his upcoming film Dhoom 3.

In an official statement, congress spokesperson confirmed the reports displaying Baba’s visiting card, “Yes, it’s true. I only suggested to rope him in. You see, I was traveling through streets of Gurgaon when I noticed his advertisement that said he has a solution for anything and everything from infertility to promotion in job, from foreign travel to girlfriend issues. He is even a master of vashikaran(hypontism). And we thought it could only be done by  those having Gandhi tag after their names. He gives a guarantee card with 3 day moneyback scheme. Such confidence. Plus Baba Khan Bengali has secular credentials”

When asked why Baba needed to be called when we have a world class economist as our PM, he seemed agitated, “Dekho bhaiya, ab mera moonh mat khulwao. In any case he’s busy with the script of Barfi 2, a biopic planned on his life, especially the time spanning last 9 years. However, the protagonist in Barfi 2 is only dumb and not deaf.”

We hear that this particular spokesperson is on the verge of suspension after such comments suggestive of contempt.

He continued, “We have tried everything. PM’s expertise, Rahul Baba’s vision, Robert Vadra business model, even a new RBI governor. But rupee is falling indiscriminately. So we have nothing to lose and everything to gain from Baba. Who knows he just might have something up his sleeve. Infact I am sure he will save us considering that he gives guarantee card.”

The news has already spread like a wildfire and several Baba Khan Bengalis have suddenly cropped up and claimed that Gurgaon Baba is a fake and they are the real Baba Khan Bengali. One particularly outraged Baba from bylanes of Kolkata has despised the gurgaon one saying “Woh shaala chor hai. I already have a client as Momta didi. Ask her who told her to drive TATAs out of Bengal. And who asked Sourav to get Greg Chappel as coach.”

Among other Babas, Ramdev has been most vocal with his views. “I am the No. 2 baba of India after Rahul baba and they don’t call me. This is even more embarrassing than the Ramleela maidan incident.”

We haven’t been able to contact the said Baba Khan Bengali yet. However, our latest inside reports say that he will be brought straight to the cabinet meeting from lockup. Hours ago he had been arrested by police on charges of eve teasing by a 65 year old woman.