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Government to set up small scale industries to manufacture clean chits

10, Aug 2013 By cmastergogo

To cope up with the increasing rate of scams , Government has decided to set up small scale industries which will manufacture clean chits in order to meet the demands of the people and organizations(BCCI, CBI etc.) of the nation and abroad.

Hon’ble Minister of State, Mr. K. H. Munniyappa , Ministry of Micro, Small and medium enterprises (MSME) told our special correspondent that it is the right time for the nation to explore new ventures and give a growth to country’s economy. He told Faking News “since we have to discover new sources for revenue generation as well as to create employment opportunities for youths, we are setting up small scale industries to manufacture clean chits. It will cater the needs of the organizations and provide skilled/semi-skilled worker a new job.”

A top BCCI official on conditions of anonymity told Faking News “After BCCI gave clean chit to Srinivasan and Raj Kundra. Sreesanth , Chandila and others too lined up demanding for clean chits. But unfortunately we can’t help them due to shortage of clean chits. Even we crucified Azharuddin in match-fixing case because of lack of clean chit. But now we will purchase the clean chits to be manufactured in abundance and prepare a buffer stock of it for the next IPL season.”

U.S. president Barack Obama praised Indian government in his speech “U.S. suffered Clean Chit deficit since Watergate Scandal. Former president Bill Clinton had to confess her post-marital affair with Monika Lewinsky because U.S. government had no clean chits to save him. Even if we had a single clean chit, we would have happily given it to Edward Snowden. But dark days are over now. Like Indian IT Industry , Indian clean chit industry will come to rescue and will help U.S. to reach greater heights. We can even initiate scam process in our country now. YES, WE CAN.”

While Fin Min lauded over the prospects of increasing foreign currency reserves and stabilizing falling rupee by exporting clean chit, a “youth leader” again came up with a controversial statement “Scam is a state of mind and clean chits will build confidence to overcome the fear of getting caught.” Meanwhile Senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh strongly opposed to the government’s decision to set up small scale industries. He was quoted saying “Instead of setting up small scale industries, government should encourage cooperatives like IFFCO, Amul etc. to manufacture clean chits. This will enable the common man to harness the benefits of clean chit manufacturing. We will disrupt the Monsoon session of parliament and derail the proceeding of Food Security Bill over this issue.”