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Government to dictate dress code for officers after Bastar DM dares to look smarter than PM

16, May 2015 By fundude

After the recent embarrassing episode when an IAS officer dressed smartly and looked handsomer than PM Modi himself, leading to state government sending notice to the officer, the government has decided to settle the issue forever.

Bastar DM
Crime against fashion of PM?

Reportedly, the officer was clad in shining blue shirt and had put on expensive glasses. It was suspected that he was stealing the charm of the show while welcoming PM for a function.

“Absolute integrity has to be maintained,” said a government official, “You don’t wear sunglasses to welcome someone of the stature of our PM.”

It is being rumored that government is preparing a model code for dressing and behaving. However, it has resulted in a controversy.

“What if the officer was cross-eyed?,” said a commentator, “Would it not create more embarrassing condition as our Bollywood films show?”

However, this code would not be imposed on politicians like Karunanidhi and like, who never put down their glasses.

“This is another reason I don’t go for civil preparations,” revealed an unemployed graduate who likes to dress the way he loves, just as our stylish PM does.