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Government to bring in Clean-chit Security Bill

29, Aug 2013 By Mr. Fun

With the passage of the Food Security Bill in the Lok Sabha, the enthusiastic government is drafting another bill on the similar lines. This time government is planning to provide clean chits.

Once this bill is implemented, this will provide legal rights to the accused politicians to claim clean chits. This step by the government is seen as a move to attract new allies and to retain the present allies in the coming general elections.

As expected leaders from SP and BSP made it clear that they will vote in favor of the bill once its tabled.

President of All India Paper Association has also hailed this bill. He termed it as a demand booster move. “This bill will bring in much needed investments into paper industries, which in turn is needed for preparing clean sheets” he added.

Robert Vadra, a small progressive farmer in Haryana has welcomed this step. He  said this move will encourage him to focus on solely his banana and mango cultivation.

However it is feared that spokespersons like Sanjay Jha may be rendered jobless with the passage of this bill.