Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Government of India to setup Marks Bank, failed students elated

24, Jul 2014 By mrbhat

For all those who thought passing an exam was difficult, here is the big news. And for those who earned lot of marks, this is the news too.

Government of India is setting up a marks bank. Though the details are yet to be chalked out, the outline of the bank was released by the HRD ministry spokesperson in New Delhi today. According to this, a person who earns more marks than what is necessary to him, can deposit some of his marks in the bank. Those marks would be given as a loan to those who are struggling to raise above the passing line.

After the press conference, one of the MPs was heard saying, “The injustice met to the poor (performing) students from years is now over. There are greedy students in India who earn marks which are enough for three people to pass. How will the poor (performing) students survive? So this is really a welcome step. Poor (performing) students now don’t have to join politics to survive. Achche din aagaye!”

Meanwhile, Poor (performing) Students Federation of India has urged the center to consider the marks deposited by the greedy students as donation instead of a fixed deposit.