Monday, 19th February, 2018

Government invites bids to cover entire Khajuraho Temple

04, Aug 2015 By Harsh

New Delhi: After rightly banning many porn sites in India, government is now moving ahead with plans to remove any display of sexual postures at public/private place. A high power committee also hailed government move to ban porn sites because porn surfing was eating 95% of total bandwidth and it was main cause of slow response of many websites like IRCTC etc.

Now taking Swachch Bharat Abhiyan a step ahead to clear souls, govt is planning to remove all reference of sex from public memory. Yesterday PMO had asked department of archaeology to invite bid to cover entire Khajuraho temple with black tarpaulin sheet. Khajuraho temple is undeniable proof of Indian obsession to porn. For ages people around the world wondered why would somebody depicts sexual positions in a sacred place like a temple.

Although Indians have more credits in their name like Kamasutra as far as porn and sexual expressions are concerned, its good start to finally acknowledge the root cause of mental malaise. Banning porn, covering Khajuraho & giving away patent of Kamasutra will surely clean our society.

Trivial matters like Rape, Female foeticide, gender equality, violence against women and general crime levels in society may wait for many more years to be treated with urgency.