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Government to hire signposts editors

04, Nov 2017 By
The government will hire signposts editors in the wake of the release of a 1000-page book “Spell them write” that has images of signposts across India with misspelt words. As a result, 4,000 new positions will be opened as the government wants an editor for each city given the number of errors on signposts and direction boards.

To err is inhuman

Prone to make mistake
Prone to make mistake

The book is a result of the author’s experiences and images he clicked while touring India over one year. He said selecting images for the book was a tough job as there were barely any signposts with correct spellings. Even at the restaurants he had difficulty ordering food as the messages were as appalling as “child beer” instead of “chilled beer”. However, the most surprising of all was where he saw “condom” instead of “condemn”, so the message read “condom littering” instead of “condemn littering”. “But thankfully they got “littering” right,” he adds.

The one that caught attention of most of the readers was a toilet spelt as tolet. The author had a horrific experience when he was on a house hunt and saw the board. He could not find the doorbell and decided to enter. Next, he found himself in a hospital bed. He had fainted at the condition of the toilets – stinky and unclean public washrooms.

He has stopped relying on the signposts and direction boards and instead refers to Google Maps whenever he needs to navigate the unknowns.

On a roll

The role of the editors will be to vet all the signposts and direction boards before they are printed or painted. In some cases, she or he will be required to be in the field and guide the painter on the spot.

The hiring process will start next week. Log on to the Government of India website for further information.