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Government employee demands VAT on money given as bribe

01, Dec 2013 By indianguy

Next time when you enter any government office, brace yourself to pay money under the table as well as VAT over it. That is what Naresh Kumar experienced in a busy government office in the national capital.

Time to turn professional.
Time to embrace corruption and make most out of it.

Doing ‘business as usual’, Naresh handed over a 500-rupee note to a government employee to ‘get the file going’. But what came as a surprise to Mr. Kumar was that the officer took out a calculator, did some calculations and told him to give an additional sum of 62.5 rupees. When asked why this sum was being demanded, the officer told Mr. Kumar that henceforth VAT would also be applied over the amount paid under the table.

Our team of reporters approached a senior official from the Ministry of Finance to know further about this bizarre move. Under the condition of anonymity, the official confirmed the fact.

“You see, abolishing corruption has gone beyond everybody’s reach now. Nobody can do anything about it. That is why we have decided to impose VAT over money given as bribe. Considering the abysmal amount of bribe given, this additional sum of 12.5 percent would be more than enough to strengthen our treasury.

Money coming under VAT would be used to fund government’s assuring campaign against corruption.”

The official has also hinted at the government’s plan to establish a new ministry by the name ‘Ministry of Corruption Affairs’.