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Government asks Vodafone to control population of ZooZoos in Vodafone ads

25, Jul 2013 By idiot420

Alarmingly high rate of population growth has forced government to come up with some strict majors. In a recent verdict passed out by our lawmakers, they have asked telecom leader Vodafone to control population of ZooZoos in their ads.

“Till last year they were doing fine, few ZooZoos use to handle whole ad thing,

Population burst
Population burst

but as you must have notice their is a population blast in ZooZoo community. They have multiplied manifold,” said a government official. “It’s passing a wrong message to society. At this rate it is possible that very soon they will ask for a separate state, who knows?”

Even the right wing leaders are concerned over surging count of ZooZoos. “First thing, they are naked and they don’t wear any clothes. They are as provocative as mannequins. We can’t allow this cultural erosion,” said a Mumbai based politician who had earlier demanded for banning mannequins.

But a large section of society came out against this barbaric government decision. “How can they have problem with such cute creatures?” said Aditi a student of DU. Some even demanded modification in human right act and asked to include ZooZoos in that.