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Government appoints bureaucrats to put food in people's mouths

14, Feb 2013 By perseus

Your reporter has learnt from his sources that the Government of India is set to bring in another ground breaking scheme for the upliftment of masses. The bill termed as “Food Security 2.0” ensures that each and every mouth is fed.

Termed as the pet project of Mrs. Khana, “FS 2.0” would assign bureaucrats in each block and village to make sure that every individual is fed his meal by the hands of a government official.

Explaining the need for this project, a senior minister talked about how, in light of increasingly common punch fights, every individual’s hand other than VIPs and those involved in government duties have been tied up. He also set aside the human rights activists cries of violation of “Freedom to Move Hands” as bogus.

Raghu Wing, a famous journalist agreed with the Minister in at TV debate and said that “Constitutional Right of Freedom to Move Hands” can’t be absolute.

Amul Khana, son of Mrs. Khana termed this project as a game changer idea. Critics argued that this project can’t be scaled up as people with tied hands won’t know what to do after they have digested their food. Mr. Khana argued that best minds of the country in Delhi are already working on how to resolve this problem.