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Government appoints ACP Pradyuman lead CID to operate cleanchit business

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi: While CBI is termed unconstitutional after Gauhati high court order and being severely criticized by poor victims like A Raja, Sajjan Kumar, Government has taken historical decision to appoint ACP Pradyuman led CID to handle challenging and multi-perplexed huge operation of cleanchit business of India.

Time to take bigger roles.
Time to play bigger roles.

UPA spokesperson Mr Digvijay singh while addressing the media said, ” Well its about time we look at things and act from a different perspective, CID has been with us since 16 odd years, its even older than UPA I and UPA II altogether, and when we compare it with CBI we find striking difference in functionality, while CBI take years to even form a case and file chargesheet, for instance 32 years have been past but Mr Sajjan kumar yet not have a clean chit from CBI, and since 11 yrs Narendra Modi is not yet chargesheeted! CID finishes every case in just 42 minutes.”

When asked about this in a separate forum Mr Kapil Sibal though sympathized with CBI but sided with UPAs decision,”See, CBI always makes exemplary efforts before elections to provide cleanchits for some political party leaders who then in a totally non-related way happen to support UPA government after elections, but in these changing times this is just not enough. We need a strong investigation agency that can appear at crime scene, do all mathematics and economics and provide cleanchits, all this within 42 minutes. And mind you since 16 years of its existence CID never failed to solve the case in those given times doesn’t matter how complex or challenging the case is.”

In an exclusive interview to FN Mr Daya informed us that, “CID and UPA are already in continuous discussion, and we just need to conclude and agree upon some fundamental changes in working and guiding principles of CID to align it with UPA ideology, for example I will break doors with kick only when we have confirmation that files are already misplaced”,

CBI officials were not available for any comment, but reports are already coming that several trucks were found being loaded in CBI compound with sealed content and shipped to CID offices, reliable sources have indicated that trucks were filled with cleanchits which CBI was yet to provide depending upon parties who give their support after 2014 elections.

Ms Mayawati a recent CBI die-hard fan publicly criticizing HC order said, “Ye Manuwadi vichardhara hai, so what if CBI is not constitutional, being constitutional is very overrated, CBI was very close to release clean chits who are wrongly blamed for wide range of crimes likes of bribery and corruption, violation of central fiscal laws, major frauds, passport frauds, crimes on high seas and organized crime without its legality being questioned.And how mean of Guwahati HC to pass this order when The agency is presently celebrating its golden jubilee anniversary.”